Corporate and business structures designed to obtain economic and tax efficiencies, as well as to provide protection assets and risk diversification.

Incorporation and restructuring of different types of legal entities and investment vehicles, focusing on the specific needs of each client and on achieving of tax benefits.

Implementation of strategies and preventive mechanisms for the protection of shareholders and directors.

Implementation of corporate governance practices and structures, as well as participating as secretary to the board of directors of our clients in order to comply with the applicable law.

Dispute resolutions between shareholders and defense of the rights and interests of minority shareholders.

Implementation of preventive Law practices to prevent and, if needed, to solve any legal and economic contingencies of the company as well as of its shareholders and directors.

Due diligence processes to identify risks, and legal and economic contingencies. As well as to identify errors and omissions in the legal aspects of a company, in order to maintain the company in compliance with the applicable Law, but taking advantage of the legal benefits granted by the multiple statutes.

Planning and execution of shareholders meetings and meetings of the board of directors, and implementation of the resolutions.

Representative deals and transactions

1.- We have implemented specific corporate and tax structures to business groups such as Emerson Electric, Mexel, Dominion, Sorrento, Riobóo, Arros and Miguel, among others.

2.- For Shell Oil Company we implemented multiple mergers and winded-up their subsidiaries in Mexico

3.- For Emerson Electric, after advising the negotiation and acquisition of 32 companies in the country, we implemented a corporate structure according to their specific needs and in compliance with the applicable Law, and we represented them in every required legal practice.

4.- Planning and execution of the winding-up of Azufrera Panamericana, S.A., governmental company in charge of extracting and selling sulfur in Mexico, with more than 12,000 employees; including the elaboration of the inventory of all of its assets and rights, as well as the fulfilment and payment of its obligations. The appointed individual to act as agent of the winding-up was Mr. Moisés Kolteniuk Toyber.

5.- Legal and tax counsel to multiple hardware and software companies, such as Hewlett Packard, Memorex Telex, Industrias Televideo and Unisys. We provided our counsel in the elaboration of all types of contracts required for the protection, license and sale of their software programs, intellectual property rights, as well as in the compliance of their legal obligations.